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Jivamukti Weekend Workshop with Tina Pashumati

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The Well is thrilled to be hosting Tina Pashumati James from Whistler for a full weekend workshop on Bowen Island. The hours and focus for each day are outlined in detail below. 

Vinyasa and Vayus

Saturday (5 hours)

This Jivamukti workshop emphasizes the importance of energetic alignment within movement; of intention, bandha, dristi, and of course, alignment with the breath itself. Learn about the Vayus, the winds or currents of life-force energy in the body that facilitate the circulation of prana throughout our entire being. Let go of your civilized self and welcome your wildness, your storms; you are part of nature, part of the Earth, a dynamic and self sustaining little system within the larger ecosphere. 

Cultivating a basic awareness of one or more of the vayus can deepen awareness of body, breath and enrich your yoga practice. Leave this workshop with vital tools for life that can be incorporated into your classes and or self practice. Experience and learn about the five movements of prana and their very subtle yet distinct energetic qualities, including specific functions and directions of flow.

Chakras and the Vision Quest

Sunday (5 hours)

The Chakras are portals through which we perceive reality. We will explore the attributes of each of these seven energetic wheels from the root to the crown utilizing mantra, asana and high intention. By energetically inhabiting each of these centers we are able to address our karmas and hone in on possible root causes of our emotional, mental and physical challenges. This practice will instigate healing and a change in perception to make way for discovering our true nature and will include both short lecture and asana practice. 
A vision quest is a quest for the visions in anyone's life that will heal them and make them whole. In traditional first nations cultures young people were sent into nature to listen to the voices of the living earth. The elders taught them to do this to find their path in life and to find their power animal helpers. The person on the vision quest spent days in caves, on mountain tops, on rivers, in the desert, waiting, and inviting the voices to come to them. When they heard the voices and saw their vision, they would re- turn to their people and know who they were and what they were to do. 
This workshop is open to all students, and will apply for credit towards your AYTT (500 Hour certi cation). 


About Tina James

Tina is an Advanced Certifed Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and is known for her chanting, choreographic sequencing, and knowledge of the subtle body. Widely considered to be a "teacher's teacher," she transmits the Jivamukti lineage as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training and running many of her own teacher trainings over the last 10 years. Incorporating vigorous ow sequences, along with an integration of yogic philosophy, chanting, and strong emphasis on activism and ethical vegetarianism, Tina s classes create a shift in perception where magic rises. Each of her dynamic and vigorous classes inspires students to honor and connect to body and spirit. Students regularly note the playful element of her classes and her deep sense of humor.

Registration Details

June 16th & 17th 11-2pm, 4-6pm (both days) 
$180 + GST*

*Accommodation on Bowen not provided. Please visit Tourism Bowen Island for a list of suggestions of where you can stay. You may also want to search AirBnB, as there are many listings on Bowen.