Class Descriptions


One of the unique things about our studio is the fact that it brings a community of highly skilled teachers who have made beautiful Bowen Island their home together, accessible for the first time with one class pass. This is an urban model for a small island town, and we hope that it will provide our members and visitors with the diversity and flexibility that a growing personal practice of yoga often demands, especially when competing with other commitments like work and raising families—and of course, ferry schedules!



This lively and energetic class uses movement to warm muscles, build strength and balance, and uses breath to rinse through the body releasing toxins, encouraging flexibility and concentration.  Come and enjoy the invigorating and rejuvenating effects of rhythmic breath and movement. This class is taught by a variety of teachers, each with their own particular teaching style.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced students, or reasonably fit beginners as the teacher will always offer modifications.  


Slow Flow

Slow Flow will gracefully move you through postures at a pace set by your breath. Look forward to a holistic, well balanced class that leaves your body feeling rejuvenated, your mind rest, and your spirit recharged.

All ages and levels welcome. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners looking for a nourishing, gentle flow class. 

This class is preceded by an open, free, guided meditation led by Jen Lafferty from 9-9:20am. Everybody welcome, regardless of experience. 


Yang yin Flow

Yang Yin Flow begins with a powerful heat building flow to build strength and warm the body, then eases into deep stretches with long holds. You will find deep relaxation in this class as we navigate the contrast and balance between movement and stillness. A challenging class, but all levels are welcome as modifications will be offered.



Yin Yoga is a gentle form of yoga focused on fascial release through holding poses loosely and as comfortably as possible for lengthy periods of times. This is a deeply contemplative, restorative class that is sure to open parts of your body you might not even know you had! Suitable for every level, including absolute beginners.  


Pay What You Can hatha Yoga

Get to know the community at The Well with these affordable classes offered by Susan Hogan. Every week we place a focus on a theme that fosters the practice to observe our bodies and minds in movement and stillness.

This class is suitable for any level, as we take the time to explore, connect and breathe a bit deeper. By donation, so simply drop in and pay what you can! (Cash Only - No Class Passes)


Restorative Yoga

All levels are welcome in this slow-paced class. A combination of gentle movements, simple breathing exercises, and supported restorative poses will leave you feeling deeply rested and renewed. Bolsters, blocks, and blankets are used to support the body in the pose to allow total body relaxation. The focus of this class is on mindfulness and calming the nervous system, which may reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being. Aromatherapy and hands-on touch may be offered. 



Core Fusion

Not your typical yoga class! Inspired by pilates, barre, and yoga, this class will challenge your body in new ways while you move to fun, upbeat music. This is a full-body workout with a focus on core, helping you to improve your overall strength and fitness. All levels are welcome, as modifications will be offered. This class is ideal for someone looking to try something new, challenge their limits and have fun while doing it!


Inner Temple Meditation

Return to your Inner Temple and join us for a lightly guided, deeply held, one hour meditation. With enough time to allow the dust to settle in our minds, we will attune ourselves once again to the song of our soul, the place of our knowing. Come to experience, as we drink from this deep ‘Well’ of peace and carry it with us back into our homes, relationships and communities!