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Meaning and Movement: Dance Workshops for Parents & Educators

Meaning and Movement: Dance Workshops for Parents & Educators
Promoting Movement Literacy

Sunday, July 16 (Sunday)

  • 4pm-6pm: Brain Dance and Developmental Movement Principles

  • 6:30pm-8:30pm: Concept-Based Approach to Movement

$30 per workshop, $50 for both

Kristen Lewis, is an accomplished dance artist and experienced dance educator with over 7 years of teaching experience. She runs SaltSpring Island's Children’s Dance Workshops, and is a frequent visiting artist in BC public schools. Kristen’s classes are fun, therapeutic, community-building experiences where students build core dance skills (technique, improvisation and dance-creation skills), in an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, self-confidence and healthy body image. Parents and educators appreciate Kristen’s innovative concept-driven teaching philosophy, and her caring, child-centered approach, based on a profound honoring of children’s innate creativity and a deep respect for the developmental process.  

Brain Dance and Developmental Movement Principles (4-6PM)

This workshop will offer an introduction to the Developmental Movement Patterns---the fundamental patterns through which healthy humans grow in the first year (or so) of life. Participants will be guided through these patterns in an hour-long movement class suitable for all levels. In the second hour, you will learn fun ways to implement these patterns with the children in your lives by practicing the “Brain Dance.” The Brain Dance is a movement series based on Developmental Movement principles; it was developed by renowned dance educator Anne Green Gilbert, with whom Kristen has studied.  The Brain Dance is an easy-to-implement, effective, and fun way to integrate movement into family and classroom life. Practicing the Brain Dance on a regular basis helps integrate body, brain, and sensory functions, promoting a state of calm alertness conducive to learning. 

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Concept-Based Approach to Movement (6:30-8:30PM)

This workshop introduces a concept-based approach to movement and dance. The Dance Concepts expand on the fundamental body-awareness developed by practicing the Brain Dance, and move us out beyond the sphere of self-hood to explore how we see and experience the world through movement.  The Dance Concepts promote deep “movement literacy,” and provides a lens through which to deepen both expression and perception of movement. Because Dance Concepts are based on movement concepts, rather than set choreography, they empower children to ask questions, and to make connections between the dance patterns and concepts and other areas of curiosity and study.   

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