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Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up

4 SUNDAY AFTERNOONS (MAY 21, JUNE 25, JULY 23, AUGUST 20), 1:30-4:30PM 

* Childcare for up to 3 children may be available at an additional cost. Please email if interested after registering for the program.

** Sliding scale rates are available for those who may otherwise not be able to participate. Please email us at to inquire about this. 


How do we nurture our children and provide the necessary elements for growth?

How do we remove the impediments to becoming their own persons?

Growing older is no guarantee of growing up. Childhood is when most of the growing up should occur but we need to know how to cultivate the maturing process. This course sheds light on the adult’s role in the miracle of maturation. 

Over four Sunday afternoons in May, June, July, and August, Dr. Shahar Rabi and Saskia Tait will be hosting screenings of the second part of Dr. Gordon Neufeld's esteemed course, The Power to Parent, at Bowen Island Yoga. This course is for individuals, couples, and professionals who are interested in expanding and/or deepening their understanding of attachment and child development in order to help children realize their potential as human beings. 

"This parent education series offers a complete approach to parenting. Rather than dumbing parents down with prescriptive solutions and superficial strategies, this series truly informs and educates so that parents can become the true experts in their children’s lives. The basic attachment and developmental needs of children are uncovered so that parents can become the answer to these needs. Challenging problems are explained is such a way that the root problems can be addressed." 

~ Gordon Neufeld


Part II of the Power to Parent series focuses on how to help children realize their potential as human beings. Since growing older is no guarantee of growing up, knowing how to foster maturation is key to raising children. The material is presented in a way that engages parents while educating professionals as well. This course will help shed light on:

  • what it means to "raise a child"
  • nature's role in maturation
  • the parent's role in maturation
  • how to give children the rest they need to grow
  • how to provide more than is being pursued
  • how to fulfill a child's attachment hunger
  • how to instill confidence in ourselves as providers
  • how to keep the connection safe and secure
  • how rest nurtures growth
  • how attachment gives birth to emergence
  • how to draw out emergent activity
  • how to give the room a child needs
  • how to get a child into the driver's seat
  • how nature moves a child to adapt
  • why some children lose their tears and what the cost is
  • what futilities children need to face
  • how to present futility to a child and draw out sadness
  • the natural solution to impulsiveness and egocentrism
  • when a child is truly ready for social interaction
  • the dangers of hurried parenting
  • nature's blueprint for building character
  • how to set the stage for mixed feelings
  • how to use 'tempering' as a discipline technique
  • how to deal with the untempered child



The videocourse is divided into eight one-hour sessions. During each meeting, we will watch 2 sessions and then allow time for group processing, integration, and sharing so that we can explore the relevance of the material in our own lives as well as examine how we can bring the teachings into practice on a day to day basis in our families. Participants are encouraged to commit to all four dates, but if you must miss one you can borrow the DVDs between sessions. The breakdown for Part II will be as follows: 

MAY 21:  

  • Session 1: Parents and the miracle of maturation
  • Session 2: How to give children the rest they need to grow

JUNE 25:

  • Session 3: The keys to independence and responsibility
  • Session 4: How to help children become their own persons

JULY 23:

  • Session 5: Keys to resilience, resourcefulness & recovery
  • Session 6: How to help children accept limits and adapt to circumstances


  • Session 7: Keys to emotional and social maturity
  • Session 8: How to help children find their self-control and social sensitivity

Registration Information

COST: $75 per family (not per person—i.e., both members of a couple can come).  

Sliding scale rates are available for those who may otherwise not be able to participate. Please email us at to inquire about this. 

Registrants are encouraged to commit to participate in all four live gatherings, but if you miss one, you can borrow the DVDs to watch between sessions.

It is recommended, but not required, that participants view the first course (Part One: The Vital Connection) before participating in this course and/or the final course (coming in the fall). If you missed Part One and would like to view it, please contact