Shane Oshoruah Alexander

Newly arrived on the Island of Bowen, I grew up in Virginia and later lived on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 13 years and on the island of Kauai for 8 years. My father was born on Vancouver Island and I have come here to start a new chapter and explore my roots.

 At the age of 28, after more than ten years and ten thousand hours of seminary training to be an ordained minister, I left the religion of my youth and went in search of my own truth, a faith older than any written word. First, I was guided to ashtanga yoga, then meditation. I sought solitude in nature, through my love of surfing and hiking, making multi-day solo adventures into the mountains and canyons and spending as much as a week in intentional silence. I studied many other faiths and spiritual teachings. I travelled and sought out indigenous cultures still living close to the Earth, men and women elders of Polynesia, North, Central and South America, and sat in their ceremonies and learned from their traditions.

 A consistent thread of meaning that ran through all of these teachings was how to learn through relationship and how to honor the beautiful dance of masculine and feminine energies at play within us. 

I continually seek new ways to nurture my own spiritual connection in life and I enthusiastically encourage this in others.  I believe in our responsibility to each other, right here, right now, as One human family and believe in the strength of connecting small communities to effect global change.