Restore & Repair Yoga
with Emily Erickson McCullum
Wednesday's, 7-8:30PM

This Restore & Repair Yoga class is a place to become still and quiet, while sinking deep into the intensities of long holding postures, using props for proper alignment. Listen to your breath as you feel the opening and realignment of your fascial system. Learn how to maintain that alignment through gentle tensegrity repair movements that ease the transition between long held poses. Become familiar with your body’s imbalances, bones, muscles, fascia, and meridians through an educational, healing and preventative practice. Almost every adult can benefit from restorative and tensegrity repair yoga. This is true regardless of how flexible or inflexible you feel yourself to be, or how out of shape or in shape you feel yourself to be.

Emily McCullum (RYT 500) was introduced to children’s yoga at eight years old by Kareen Zebroff of Channel 10 TV Yoga in Vancouver. She studied intermittently over the years until she took her first 500 hour yoga teacher training program with the South Okanagan Yoga Association a decade ago. Emily has also completed a three year, 800 hour advanced training program in Vijnana Yoga, has been a meditator since childhood, and has been studying yogic philosophy with a teacher in India for ten years.
Along the way, she and her husband David founded an outsourced tech support company called Digitally Hip and raised their children Ben and Eliza, who are now young adults out in the world. Emily and David moved to Bowen in the fall of 1993 because they thought it would be a wonderful community in which to raise their children, who loved roaming the island’s lush woods and beaches as they grew. They weren’t the only ones. Accompanied by her dog, Emily takes time most days to wander through the woods, widening and deepening her awareness. To Emily, the life force which animates us also permeates the world, and practicing yoga helps us to open ourselves to what is, beyond the stories we tell ourselves.
Learning to practice yoga from within is a lifetime journey. In her classes, Emily explains the physical cues that enable us to connect from fingertip to toe-tip to the top of the head. Whether we’re naturally stiff or over-flexible, learning to read these cues helps to protect us from injury and fosters a calm inner balance that carries forward into daily life.