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Exploring the Edges of Life

Every other Wednesday, 6:30-9 PM
May 20-July 29

Cost: $120 for 6 sessions ($20 per session) or by donation

* Contact to discuss your participation if joining after the first two sessions.


Wake up to life through dialogue and community.

Join us for a integral living exploration that is a practice immersion designed to offer you the opportunity to deeply explore what matters most to you in your life. Guided by Shahar Rabi, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, educator, and experienced group facilitator, participants will explore and learn to integrate the following in their lives: 

  • Flexibility—the ability to feel an ever growing range of emotions and sensations 
  • Ambiguity—the capacity to not have a defined answer to a question and being able to hold complexities  
  • Fearlessness—learning to face foundational fears (Death, loneliness, isolation) and, when needed, moving through fears 
  • Vulnerability—feeling safe enough to speak openly about challenging or difficult experiences with others     
  • Power—understanding and utilizing ones power in the world  
  • Inclusivity—realizing the vastness of Self and its ability to include all phenomena
  • Creativity—exploring the edges of the self with inner permission 
  • Accountability—becoming accountable to a group of people who you trust in order to achieve goals and a value-based life
  • Wakefulness—being aware of ones awake nature before all things—the ground of existence. 
  • Balance—having enough "depth" perspective to hold a balanced view about life 
  • Valued-based meaning making—being in touch with ones values, which allows for a dynamic process of meaning-making

In order to explore these aspects of our lives, the group will draw from a variety of disciplines, including:  

  • Ecology
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Psychology
  • Human development (including Sexuality)
  • Social engagement 
  • Cultural evolution
  • Awakening and presence 

The group will be focused on psycho-spiritual evolution, and will draw from the disciplines of ecology, East-West psychology, and integral spirituality. Through various practices—readings, dialogue, and sharing—a safe and creative relational space will be born. The session will begin with a meditation, followed by discussion of the reading. Insights from a selection of texts drawn from wisdom traditions worldwide will be woven into each week's focus to inspire the group work. This will look different every week, depending on the chosen area of focus, and may include journaling, contemplation, partner work, art therapy, gender work, and various guided somatic practices (yoga, dance, tai chi, etc.). 

This program is designed to  provide a structure that will support you and a small community of participants to live into new and creative answers in the form of values, goals, commitments, and actions. The retreat will support you to have accountability to your vision through the support of co-participants. We will also take time to unpack and address shadow aspects of ourselves and how these play out and limit our lives.

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