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Whirling Wonders: An Introduction to the Chakras

Thursday, September 11, 6:30-9pm
With Shivani Howe, E-RYT 500
Cost: $80

A 3 hour introduction workshop to kick start your exploration into your energy or pranic body. Enabling you to go deeper in your practice and take the wisdom of these fascinating 8 energy centers into your everyday life.

"Whirling Wonders" is a 3 hour introduction to  the chakras, in order to  start you on your self exploration journey of these wonderful wells of knowledge within you.

The pranic body - the home of the 8 energy wheels know as the Chakras , is  a huge subject. Primarily because each and every aspect of who you are - physically, emotionally, and mentally can be attributed to the balance or imbalance of a chakra (s)  within your body.

The workshop covers the basic characteristics and functions of each chakra. What each chakra "looks like" in  its  balanced, deficient ,  and excessive state s .  Which Asanas (physical yoga postures)  work  to stimulate and open each energy center . And we'll cap it all off with a meditation to help you tap into the subtle energy of whirling wonders within.

** This workshop counts towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits, 2.5 contact hours.

Shivani will also be available for private yoga sessions on September 10 & 11, between 11-5pm. Contact us to book a session with her.  

About the teacher: 


Founder of Pura Luna Lifestyles, the Living Yoga Society and a native of New Zealand, Shivani came into her career after she found herself needing to take a new approach to life. In 2001, she was diagnosed with advanced endometriosis, and began looking for alternative ways to relieve her body of this supposedly incurable disease. It was then she discovered the ancient philosophy of Yoga. The age-old art brought harmony to her life and body, and unraveled the stresses of her illness from its source.

Shivani moved from New Zealand to North America in 2002 where she obtained formal certification as a Yoga Teacher in Toronto (500 hour registered course with the Yoga Alliance) and is now herself registered as an registered E-RYT 500 teacher. Each year Shivani takes a pilgrimage back to India to further her training and perform seva (service) at the feett of her Guru's Paramahansa Satyananda Saraswati and Sw. Satsangananda Saraswati in Rikhia Ashram, India, where she has been initiated into the Satyananda Lineage as a Karma Sannyasi.

She lives at ISHTADEV NIWAS retreat with her family where they share thier love of Yoga - on and off the matt, and spend time writing, hiking, and playing with thier 3 year old son—her greatest teacher.