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The Body-Mind Continuum: Meditation Instruction & Practice

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm
July 22 - September 9

Just as a gardener nurtures plant growth, so we can enhance our lives by tuning in, balancing and integrating our body and mind. When we are settled in our body, the mind brightens and relaxes. When the mind relaxes we release hormones and chemicals that enhance the body. Meditation is process of developing deeper and deeper states of mental relaxation supporting clarity, awareness and compassion.

Note: There will be meditation instruction provided, and so no previous experience with meditation is necessary to join this class. It is suitable for seasoned practitioners as well—come to deepen your practice with the support of an instructor and community that meets regularly.

About the instructor

This class will be led by Helen Foster a meditator and practitioner with over 30 years of experience. Helen has been a student of Vajrayana Buddhism since 1997 when she met Namgyal Rinpoche and began studying with his student Lama Mark Webber ( Helen has been living here on Bowen Island, when not in retreat, for the last ten years.