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30 Day Yoga & Wellness Challenge

October 1 - 31


$199 for unlimited access to yoga and other classes, including meditation. See class descriptions here. You can also attend any workshop, event or program on offer at the studio in October as part of the challenge, though pricing for these is separate. Note that the Bowen Island Men's Group is free and open to the public (or to the male public at least!).

"This practice becomes firmly rooted when it is cultivated skillfully and continuously for a long time.”

~ Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, 1:14

" not an act, but a habit."

~ Aristotle

Habits are powerful, unconscious patterns of behavior that once formed, play a large role in influencing the direction of one’s life. To a certain degree, our lives go where our habits take us.

Habits can be both good and bad, and interestingly enough, creating a good habit pretty much involves the same process as making a bad habit.  The bottom line is that habits form through repetition. To form a habit, all you need to do is repeat the activity over a period of time.

Opinions vary on the length of time it takes to form a habit, but most agree that it takes anywhere from three to six weeks of conscious, consistent, repetitive, and focused behavior to develop a new good habit. It’s not always easy, but the end results are almost always worth it.

If you want to consistently enjoy the benefits of yoga, then you need to take the steps necessary to make it a habit. One of the best ways to develop the yoga habit is to commit to a 30 day yoga challenge. Completing your own 30 day yoga challenge will require discipline, commitment, focus, and sacrifice.  It won’t guarantee that you have a yoga habit for life – you can fall out of good habits just as easily as you fall into bad ones – but it will be a step in the right direction.  

So, we invite you to take the leap, start this 30 day yoga challenge, and enjoy the journey of a daily yoga habit.