Practitioner Support Fund

We know that the many community and educational programs, retreats, and events that we run and host at The Well are good for you, our community, and the world. We have heard enough stories to know this, and feel honoured to be a container for transformative work of this nature. 

We need to charge money for our classes and programming so that we can keep our space alive and vital, but we also know that sometimes people go through periods when finances are tight. These are also often the times when people need the most support of the kind we offer at The Well!

And so, we are introducing our new Practitioner Support Fund. Whenever you buy a class pass or sign up for a program at The Well, please consider contributing to this fund to support others who may need help to participate in our classes and special programming. In our shop, you can opt to donate $10 or $20—not a lot, but a little goes a long way! If you can afford to offer more, please contact us and we will gratefully arrange to accept your contribution. 

If you need to access the fund, please fill our the Practitioner Support Fund ApplicationIt normally takes us 7-14 days to respond to requests, and we will do our best to help you out.