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Helen FOster


Helen Foster is a meditation and dharma teacher who has practised meditation for over 40 years.  For the past 15 years, with her root teacher Lama Mark Webber, her studies have been centred around the classical foundations of Buddhadharma, including multiple deep retreats of 3 to 5 months in length. She is the Chair of a non profit society that supports her teacher and other significant Tibetan Buddhist teachers (

Helen studied Iyengar Yoga, with Maureen Carruthers, for 14 years while they were both living on Galiano Island.

When not on retreat or travelling (studying 'Mahamudra in Motion" with Prapto in Java, 2008, or Varjayogini in a Lamaruyu Monastery Ledakh, 2005 or Tibet in 2010), she lives and gardens on Bowen Island with her partner, also a seasoned, life-long dharma practitioner.