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Steeped in Yoga: An Afternoon of Yoga & Tea

Steeped in Yoga: Yoga & Tea Ceremony
with Jen Lafferty &Austin Austin

April 21, 12-2 PM

Cost: $40 + GST

This intimate workshop will blend together the soulful and nourishing practices of yoga and meditation with an introduction on how the effects of tea and tea ritual can be used to balance body, mind and spirit.

This unique experience will offer you practical insights on how tea can be used to enhance your yoga practice. Expect to dive deep into your movement and meditation with the powerful, and yet balancing, effects of tea on stamina and focus.

Treat yourself to this 2-hour workshop and enjoy movement, meditation and  tea ceremony that, together, will leave you feeling steeped in self care and rejuvenation.  

What to expect from this workshop:

A holistic overview of Yoga
A brief discussion on Tea, including the different components of tea and their effects on the body and mind
A curated selection of teas thoughtfully chosen to enhance your guided yoga and meditation practice
A beautiful tea ritual that each guest will perform at their mat.
A guided meditation
Take home ‘cool down’ tea to leave you feeling calm and refreshed

About the instructors: 

Jen Lafferty 500hr-RYT

Yoga and Meditation has been an integral part of Jen’s life for close to 15 years. She has been fortunate to train extensively with her teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu in India, and practice with other incredible teachers along her journey. Jen believes that everyone can benefit from the practices of Yoga and Meditation, both on and off the mat

Austin Austin - ITMA Tea Master / TAC Tea Sommelier

Austin is a certified Tea Master with a passion for sharing the art and tradition of tea. Austin previously owned a tea store in Yaletown, Vancouver and now resides on Bowen Island where she is working on her next tea creation. Beyond tea, Austin has a deep wealth of knowledge in wholistic wellness, food and herbal supplements.