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Yin for the People


Join us for a monthly 2 hour healing Yin class with Harmony Davison, where we’ll practice Yin Yoga to liberate ourselves from long held limitting patterns in the body, and direct that healing outward to all living beings.

These deeply restorative classes will focus on slow, long held postures to connect and open, and promote healing within the body.

Woven into the classes will be Harmony’s passion for the planet and environmental sustainability. Each session will be an exploration into ways we can be less wasteful, and learn to live from our souls rather than from our pain.

WHEN: Saturday’s 4-6PM Sept 7, Oct 12, Nov 2, Dec 7


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Woven into the classes, and also encouraged throughout our entire studio community each month! Harmony will be recommending related documentaries and readings as well.

September: REDUCE

Focus on the effects of food consumerism and how animal products are a leading cause to increased CO2 in our atmosphere. The challenge for the month will be to reduce meat and dairy consumption by eliminating it from one day a week, to attend a farmers market and/or zero waste store to help get to know where our food is coming from and what foot print we leave from what we eat.

October: RECYCLE

The focus this month is on plastic. We will look at ways to reduce plastic use, but because it’s everywhere we will look at better ways to recycle and how plastic is actually ‘down cycled’. We will learn it’s effect on global water and the efforts being made to clean it up and reuse it through recycling processes. The challenge for the month could be to check out a recycling facility like WCS where they take absolutely everything to recycle. Also to try the “no cup no drink” motto for coffees etc. Saying no to any beverage that comes in a plastic bottle, and to try replacing some home plastics like ziplocks, plastic wrap, straws, polyester, and produce bags.

November: REFUSE

This month will focus on refusing excess consumerism. As it’s the month of Black Friday and it’s leading up to Christmas this would be a great month to try looking at what we truly need vs what we want. We will talk about voting with our dollar and how that’s the best political move we can make as a society for the planet. The challenge will be to refuse ‘retail therapy’ by opening our conscious minds to ask “will buying this make me happy? Do I truly need this?”, or perhaps try sitting in nature in silence for 20 minutes once a week so we can realize that true happiness already exists within us, it doesn’t come from a store.

December: REUSE

Second hand giving is the theme for this month. 99% of what is given at Christmas ends up in the garbage within 6 months. We will talk about waste production on a global scale, introducing the idea of repairing rather than discarding, shopping second hand supports charities, using libraries vs buying books, reusing food waste and food packaging. The challenge will be to shop at a second hand store for a few gifts, attend a local craft fair, be waste free with our gift wrapping, buy experiences as gifts, make a meal from food waste, reuse packaging (if you bought a bag of nuts in a ziplock package reuse it to package your lunch!)

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