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The Sovereign Woman

Yoga and Meditation for Body Acceptance and Liberated Body Image

Body Acceptance offers women liberation from the suffocating societal messages that keep us stuck in a perpetual struggle with not only our bodies, but with our ways of taking up space and being in the world creatively, spiritually and emotionally (to name a few). In this workshop, we will examine the beliefs we hold about our bodies and the source of those beliefs. We will explore the ways in which even 'Wellness Culture' can be keeping us stuck with the thousands of images of “perfection” we see everyday combined with the endless diets and cleanses that it offers. By bringing our unconscious beliefs about our bodies to the surface, we can then explore where these beliefs came from. We can examine them through a lens of compassion and then let them go — and from that place of consciousness, we create a new paradigm for health and beauty that is built on self-love and acceptance which allows us to live fully in freedom.

This workshop is beginner friendly and truly welcoming of ALL bodies. Please wear your most comfortable clothing and bring a something to write with.

When: Sunday, August 11, 2019 2:30pm - 5pm

Cost: $25 per person, $20 for teens (under age 20)

About Britt

Britt is a Yoga and Body Image Coalition ambassador ( and teaches between Vancouver, Canada and France (where she has been living for the past six years with her husband and daughter. Britt has been teaching yoga since 2009 in both the vinyasa and kundalini practices. She has worked in depth with the teachings of Yoga For Eating Disorder Recovery (having suffered from an Eating Disorder for most of her adult life). She has been in recovery for the past three years and credits this to her practice of yoga, meditation and feminist studies. Her practice has evolved from one of striving for perfection both on and off the mat (much to her disservice) to that of embracing a non dogmatic approach which encourages her students to settle in to their natural forms and in doing so, connecting with the innate well of deep self healing.

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