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The Heroine's Journey through the Major Arcana

Photo by Sheryl Williams

Photo by Sheryl Williams

The Hero’s Journey is one of mankind’s oldest myths. Weaved through various scripts and plots in today’s films and novels, this monomyth is the structure, stages, and development, of ignorance to enlightenment. This template has become a guide to awaken and embody the Hero within us all, lying dormant, awaiting the call to actualise itself fully.

Unlike Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the Heroine’s Journey is not so simple. It’s neither linear, nor circular. It is one of twists, turns, dark depths of futility, and intimate highs of true power. There are no steps to follow, only hers to take. A mystical journey, with no timeline for the unknown, that proves reality really is stranger than fiction. And these great stories, our great stories, need to be told – no matter how bizarre

Symbols, myths, and fairytales are representations of a deep collective psycho-mythology that works inherently throughout humanity – regardless of your cultural imprinting, family conditioning, or ideological standing. Tarot is a language that accesses the symbolism of the unconscious. The imagery within the Tarot’s Major Arcana function to simultaneously reveal and conceal an illustration of the outer universe and our own internal nature. A bridge between the visible and invisible, and as the ancient saying of Novalis: The seat of the soul is here, where the outer and the inner worlds meet.

For the witches, healers, and seekers, whether maiden, mother, or crone, you are invited into an initiation of your own Heroine’s Journey through the Major Arcana. The cards, used dynamically, trigger deep, multi-level, holistic transformation. When we come together and consciously recognise our own stories through the ones our ancestors told, the universal becomes personal.

“The set of pictures on the Tarot cards (are) distantly descended from the archetypes of

transformation.” – C.G. Jung

All women are welcome, Tarot enthusiasts or beginners alike. As well as gaining a deeper understanding of the cards, we will explore everyone’s personal life-time symbols & numerology through the cards. Please bring your own deck if you have one!

We are thrilled to have our own in-house Tarot reader, Maya Doytchinova, share her first Tarot mystery school with a special circle of women here at the Well. Maya brings her knowledge, stories, and collected trade secrets in this not-to-be-missed weekend!

When: April 13-14, 1-5pm both days

Investment: $145* early bird (before April 1st). $175 afterwards. Sign up with a friend for $125 each

Photo by Sheryl Williams

Photo by Sheryl Williams

About Maya…

Photo by Sheryl Williams

Photo by Sheryl Williams

Maya Doytchinova is the embodiment of intuitive, conscious, & playful teachings with lifetimes of experience as a student & teacher, rooted in an eclectic collection of tarot, astrology, yoga, dance, shamanism, & holistic therapies & nutrition.

Maya's reading style in both Tarot + Astrology is unequivocally unique, incorporating numerous esoteric & occult teachings, intertwining them together to provide an empowering & holistic tapestry. It has been a long quest of strengthening & enhancing upon her innate intuitive abilities, and by way of this medium she shares them with her clients. 

Learn more about Maya or follow along on social: @maya.doytchinova