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Full Moon Circle + Sync Your Cycle

photo : @stasiagarraway

photo : @stasiagarraway

Full Moon Circle + Sync Your Cycle

with Jacqueline Jennings

September 24th, 6-9:30 pm 

Cost : 65$ + GST

We are harnessing the power of the Moon to step into alignment with our natural cycles.

Within the wheel of our hormonal cycle lies a flow of creativity, multi-tasking, and problem solving. We experience swells of confidence and physical stamina to which we can hitch a ride through a project. At other times we can ride waves of focused productivity and bring all of our attention to detail. There are points when we can crank out anthologies of written words, editing, researching and putting it all together. We will explore reframing our moon cycle from a nuisance to an asset. 

Tapping into our cycles in this way requires a deep listening to our bodies. Getting there can mean a competitive advantage in our careers, productivity, decision-making, and time management skills..

photo : @stasiagarraway

photo : @stasiagarraway

What to expect: 

    •    Story-circle with all participants getting seen and herd. Inclusive of anyone who has or had or will had a menstrual cycle or is just really interested in the topic. LGBTQ2S+ safe place. 

    •    SCIENCE! Learning what your mama or junior-high friend with older sisters never taught you. What is actually happening in our bodies? 

    •    Strategy: "My body is so cool. Now what?" How to practically schedule, plan and support ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and professionally. 

    •    Snacks. Usually. And tea. Depending on where we are. 

    •    Kinship and connection. To nature, to source, to each other.

    •    Ceremony. Keeping it witchy.

About Jacqueline...

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 4.54.14 PM.png

Jacqueline Jennings is an entrepreneur coach, start-up consultant and group facilitator commonly referred to as Biz-Witch. She is most interested in learning about how we can get more done by doing less, how we can develop our intuition and instincts like any muscle in the body, how a leaders performance is directly impacted by how much they are willing to look at how they get in their own way and how everything we need to know to evolve, survive and thrive as the human race can probably be remembered by really looking at nature.  Biomimicry, learning from elders, healing our boring stories, working with horses and waking up about intersectional feminist issues and decolonization are her current favourite topics of conversation. Based on the Sunshine Coast, raising a free range toddler, renovating and home and growing veggies, Jaqueline is currently working towards her vision of creating a world-class land-based retreat centre. Learn more about her work here. 

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