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Soul Talks With Chris Dierkes

Join Chris Dierkes once a month at The Well to discuss matters of the soul beginning in September 2018 (see below for dates and descriptions). All talks are donation based (suggested 10$ donation). 


How To Really, Truly Ground Yourself

Monday Sept 17th, 7:30pm- 9pm

Grounding. It’s a word people throw around quite often. People say they want to be more
grounded. Certain people are labeled “grounded” or “ungrounded” people as if it were some
kind of personality trait (hint: it’s not). It’s rarer to find a person who can clearly articulate what grounding truly is (and what it isn’t) and can themselves naturally embody a very grounded state of being. But grounding is actually quite simple and direct. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. And best of all it’s something anyone can easily learn.
In this talk we’ll explore what grounding actually is from the point of view energy and emotional work. This evening will involve discussion as well experiential exercises to practice embodying grounding.

What You’ll Learn:
—How grounding is not a mental state nor is it a psychological type but rather a state of being available to anyone who cultivates it.
—Why most grounding practices actually create a very ungrounded state of being.
—How there is a part of each of us that is always already grounded (and how to access that).
—A simple practice to consciously connect to and strengthen your already grounded nature.


Fear Is Not the Opposite of Love: On The Power of Courage

Monday Oct 15th, 7:30pm- 9pm

“Every choice you make is either an expression of love or an expression of fear. There is no
other choice.” — A Course in Miracles

If you’ve been around in spiritual or personal development circles any length of time you’ll have heard some variation of the idea that love and fear are complete opposites and the point of being human is to learn to choose love over fear. On the surface it sounds like a very wise perspective but is it really?
In a lighthearted yet ultimately serious way, this talk will question the love/fear view of the world. l’ll lay out my argument for why I believe choosing love over fear is a well meaning but ultimately very flawed spiritual teaching that can actually end up causing more harm than good. I’ll then offer my counterargument for the value of courage and how fear and love can not only co-exist but actually work to strengthen each other if handled the right way.

What You’ll Learn:
—Why Fear and Love are not opposites.
—Why “Being Fearless” is a very destructive idea that can cause immense harm and confusion.
—Why thinking positive thoughts and avoiding negative thoughts is not a viable solution to
being human.
—How Fear and Love can actually work in harmony with each other.
—Why Courage is the true key to being deeply at peace with life.


Spiritual Bypassing: What Is It and How to Heal from It

Monday Nov 19th , 7:30pm- 9pm

“Spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful
feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. It is much more common than we
might think and, in fact, is so pervasive as to go largely unnoticed, except in its more obvious
extremes.” —Robert A. Masters

This talk will explore the concept of spiritual bypassing. In this evening we’ll explore a number of
classical examples of contemporary trends in spirituality where spiritual bypassing shows up.
We’ll also explore how to welcome and turn towards our feelings, even uncomfortable ones, and
how that path is far more healing than bypassing them.

What You’ll Learn:
—How spiritual teachings can cause us to disconnect from our humanity.
—Why there is no such thing as a positive or negative emotion.
—How spiritual teachings can inadvertently deepen a person’s trauma not heal it.
—Why learning to embrace our humanness is the key to our deepest growth and healing.

Please Note: Talking about spiritually bypassing takes into some deep and potentially tender
terrain. We’ll do so in a gentle and ultimately very safe way.


Self-Love Doesn’t Work…but Love of Self Does

Monday Dec 10th , 7:30pm- 9pm

Right now self-love is all the rage. Everywhere you turn there’s a book, program, workshop, or retreat on self-love. Financial success, thrilling intimate relationships, as well as health and
happiness are all sold as results of practicing self-love.
But what if all this focus on self-love is well meaning but ultimately mistaken in some crucial
ways? That will be the idea I’ll explore in this discussion. In particular we’ll explore why our
personality (our small self) is not capable of loving itself. We’ll explore how attempts to build a teaching and practice of self-love on the personality are flawed from the start. We’ll then explore how Love of the self is actually the right path. This evening will consist of both discussion and some guided experiential exercise to glimpse
what true Love of self really feels like.

What You’ll Learn:
—What is Love really and how does it apply to myself.
—Why self-love is a contradiction in terms (aka why the self can’t love itself).
—How Love of self (as opposed to self-love) is the difference that makes all the difference.                                                        —How in true Love of self you are not the doer but rather the receiver of Love.

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