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Discover Your Destiny


The 5 Step Blueprint for Creating the Joyful, Juicy Divinely Inspired Work you Love

Do you:

  • Feel frustrated by your work because you know you’re not fully expressing your creative gifts and talents?
  • Have a vision of your inspired work but haven’t created it yet? 
  • Feel like you came here for special purpose but you’re not living it? 
  • Are you a healer, holistic practitioner or coach seeing clients one session at a time and know you could help your clients at a deeper level? 

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then this workshop is for you. 

Join Ellen Hayakawa, best selling author and founder of the Divinely Inspired Leaders where you’ll learn: 

●     The top 3 myths that keep you trapped doing unfulfilling work and how to BREAKTHROUGH and BREAK FREE!

●     The #1 greatest gift that will catapult you into fully living your purpose

●     A simple, clear 5 step blueprint to live and express your purpose, and gifts including psychic, intuitive and healing gifts 

●     The 4 Divinely Inspired Pillars of Work  YOU EASILY MAGNETIZING  your Work and your Clients

You’ll also be given an extraordinary, inspiring once in a lifetime opportunity. Come to this workshop to discover what it is!!! Limited Seating. Seats will go fast. Please RSVP today to reserve your spot. 

Date: Monday, June 25th

Time: 7-9 pm

Minimum Suggested Donation: $10 

About Ellen HayaKawa


Ellen Hayakawa (BSc., Dipl. Bus. Admin.) is the author of The Inspired Organization:  Spirituality and Energy at Work and coauthor of the Best Inspirational/Spiritual Book of the Year and Amazon Mind Body Spirit Bestseller:  Healing a Hurting World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet as well as The NGO Revolution:  Healing a Hurting World and The Workplace and Spirituality:  New Perspectives on Research and Practice (2009).

Ellen  is an pioneer and expert in leadership based on spiritual principles, spirit at work and  in the development of spiritual wisdom of children, youth and adults.    She’s on a mission to awaken and empower divinely inspired leadership worldwide in solopreneurs, mainstream business,   As a speaker she will electrify and inspire your audiences with her stories.

A former professional wildlife biologist, who used to hide out in bird blinds in the Arctic,  Ellen Hayakawa’s  mission is global peace in our lifetime.     She believes that global peace will come about through the application of spiritual wisdom in building new foundations for this world.  Through speaking, writing,  training,  coaching and mentoring  individuals, teams and organizations,  she supports the co-creation and development of divinely  inspired leaders and global peace. Learn more about Ellen here.