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108 OM's - Mantra & Meditation with Tina Pashumati

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Join Tina Pashumati for 2 hours of Mantra & Meditation.

108 OM's - Mantra & Meditation

Friday, June 15, 7-9 PM

The universe is an expanding shout of joy. Tune in, feel it humming in your body, hear it in the sounds of life all around you. In yoga, listen to the deep and blissful currents of life evolving itself. This is just one of the meanings of the mantra OM. Om is the original shout, a cry of such exuberance that galaxies were set spinning and suns were sparked into light. This astonishing thought permeates the Upanishads and other texts that serve as the inspiration for our practice of yoga. 

The mantra OM is shorthand for, “The cosmos is song.” The Yoga Sutras (I.29) refers to OM as Pranava, from pra (before, forward) + nava, (sound, shout, exult)*; the primal shout of exultation. In other words, OM is the original OMG! 

Bathe in the sound with infinite leisure . . . 

Continue to listen while the sound
Dissolves into silence.

As the vibration fades
Into an imperceptible hum,
Follow it
Into the hum of the universe.

Float with the sound, know you are flooded by it always. Let it carry you upwards, like the rising of the sun, and melt with it into divine silence and infinite spaciousness. The shakti, the sacred power of space, will carry you into the dancing radiant emptiness that is the source of all.

Please bring your meditation cushion.

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The price is $25 + GST. 22 spots available.