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Spring Renewal with Harmony Shire Davison & Atma Karam


Spring Renewal Workshop
With Harmony Shire Davison & Atma Karam Kaur (Bridget)
April 28th, 1:30pm–4:30pm

Cost: $50

Join us for this first time offering of both kundalini and yin yoga on Bowen! The focus of this offering is to let go of self-concepts to try and fix, improve, or change ourselves. Instead, this workshop is about releasing, being, and coming home to you. It is the concept that get us in trouble, the concept of who we think we are, will be, should be, once was, meant to be, could be, etc. During our time together we will focus on re-aligning these concepts.  

We will start with a kundalini yoga practice (guided by Atma Karam) to unravel the blocks and resistance in the body and mind that hold us back from sharing our light, living our purpose, and being at peace. We’ll build the nervous system, strengthen the intuition, and listen to the body map. We’ll use the nourishing power of yin yoga (guided by Harmony Shire Davison) to access deeper layers of fascia to find stillness after movement and reconnect the body and mind. The incredible power of the gong will be used to vibrate the body’s cells back to their natural and harmonious state. We’ll also share oracle card readings and indulge in some delicious snacks!

All are welcome.