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Soul Talks With Chris Dierkes


Self-Love Doesn’t Work…but Love of Self Does

Monday Dec 10th , 7:30pm- 9pm

Right now self-love is all the rage. Everywhere you turn there’s a book, program, workshop, or retreat on self-love. Financial success, thrilling intimate relationships, as well as health and
happiness are all sold as results of practicing self-love.
But what if all this focus on self-love is well meaning but ultimately mistaken in some crucial
ways? That will be the idea I’ll explore in this discussion. In particular we’ll explore why our
personality (our small self) is not capable of loving itself. We’ll explore how attempts to build a teaching and practice of self-love on the personality are flawed from the start. We’ll then explore how Love of the self is actually the right path.
This evening will consist of both discussion and some guided experiential exercise to glimpse
what true Love of self really feels like.

What You’ll Learn:
—What is Love really and how does it apply to myself.
—Why self-love is a contradiction in terms (aka why the self can’t love itself).
—How Love of self (as opposed to self-love) is the difference that makes all the difference.                                                       —How in true Love of self you are not the doer but rather the receiver of Love.

All talks are donation based (suggested 10$ donation).

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Soul Talks With Chris Dierkes