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Soul Talks With Chris Dierkes


Spiritual Bypassing: What Is It and How to Heal from It

Monday Nov 19th , 7:30pm- 9pm

“Spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful
feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. It is much more common than we
might think and, in fact, is so pervasive as to go largely unnoticed, except in its more obvious
extremes.” —Robert A. Masters

This talk will explore the concept of spiritual bypassing. In this evening we’ll explore a number of
classical examples of contemporary trends in spirituality where spiritual bypassing shows up.
We’ll also explore how to welcome and turn towards our feelings, even uncomfortable ones, and how that path is far more healing than bypassing them.

What You’ll Learn:
—How spiritual teachings can cause us to disconnect from our humanity.
—Why there is no such thing as a positive or negative emotion.
—How spiritual teachings can inadvertently deepen a person’s trauma not heal it.
—Why learning to embrace our humanness is the key to our deepest growth and healing.

Please Note: Talking about spiritually bypassing takes into some deep and potentially tender
terrain. We’ll do so in a gentle and ultimately very safe way.

All talks are donation based (suggested 10$ donation). 

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