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How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person


Sunday, October 28th 1p- 5p

Cost : $100 (Early Pricing), or $125 after October 1st 


In this workshop we’ll explore the topic of highly sensitive persons (HSPs). HSPs are individuals who typically experience greater degrees of sensitivity to external stimulation as well as deeperdegrees of internal processing. There are built-in gifts that come with being a HSP but also significant challenges, especially in our fast-paced, hyper-stimuli world. HSPs can often feel emotional overwhelm and sensory overload by the amount of intensity and the speed of our contemporary lives.

This workshop will offer a unique angle on the HSP phenomena by approaching it from an energetic point of view. In other words, we’ll be looking at sensitivity as another word for intuition (aka subtler knowing and information gathering). By seeing sensitivities as possible forms of intuition it opens up the possibility of a deeper embodied personal transformation, one not often described in the discussion of highly sensitive persons. In particular we’ll explore how to transform a sensitivity into a core power of your intuition.

This workshop will include both discussion and guided experiential process to embody the points covered in the discussion with a strong emphasis on concrete tools and personal empowerment.


What You Will Learn

  • How to recognize the strengths and limitations of calling yourself a highly    sensitive person

  • What is the difference between a sensitivity and a core intuitional power

  • How to transform your sensitivity into core intuitional power

  • Why attunement is often a better term than sensitivity

  • What different types of energetic sensitivity there are

  • How to identify your specific kind of sensitivity

  • What kinds of practices help to transform an energetic sensitivity into a core intuitional power

Register today and receive limited time pricing of $100 for the full workshop. After October 1st, regular pricing will be $125. For more information contact us at or register below. 

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