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Soul Talks with Chris Dierkes


Fear Is Not the Opposite of Love: On The Power of Courage

Monday Oct 15th, 7:30pm- 9pm

“Every choice you make is either an expression of love or an expression of fear. There is no
other choice.” — A Course in Miracles

If you’ve been around in spiritual or personal development circles any length of time you’ll have heard some variation of the idea that love and fear are complete opposites and the point of being human is to learn to choose love over fear. On the surface it sounds like a very wise perspective but is it really?
In a lighthearted yet ultimately serious way, this talk will question the love/fear view of the world. l’ll lay out my argument for why I believe choosing love over fear is a well meaning but ultimately very flawed spiritual teaching that can actually end up causing more harm than good. I’ll then offer my counterargument for the value of courage and how fear and love can not only co-exist but actually work to strengthen each other if handled the right way.

What You’ll Learn:
—Why Fear and Love are not opposites.
—Why “Being Fearless” is a very destructive idea that can cause immense harm and confusion.
—Why thinking positive thoughts and avoiding negative thoughts is not a viable solution to
being human.
—How Fear and Love can actually work in harmony with each other.
—Why Courage is the true key to being deeply at peace with life.

All talks are donation based (suggested 10$ donation). 

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