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Children's Dance Camps

Children’s Dance Camp
Creative, Contemporary Dance: Skills, Improvisation, Creation

July 17th, 18th, & 19th (Monday-Wednesday)

  • 11am–12pm: Ages 4-6 ($30)

  • 12:15pm–2pm: Ages 6-9 ($55)

  • 2:15pm–4pm: Ages 10-14 ($55)


Join visiting artist Kristen Lewis for a memorable, joyful 3 days of dancing, suitable for all ability levels—novice dancers welcome. Kristen is an accomplished dance artist and experienced dance educator, with 7 years of teaching experience. She runs the Salt-Spring-based Children’s Dance Workshop, and is a frequent visiting artist in B.C. public schools. 

Kristen’s classes are fun, therapeutic, community-building experiences where students build core dance skills (technique, improvisation and dance-creation skills), in an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, self-confidence and healthy body image. Parents and educators appreciate Kristen’s innovative concept-driven teaching philosophy, and her caring, child-centered approach, based on a profound honoring of children’s innate creativity and a deep respect for the developmental process.  

Class protocol: Please arrive on time, dressed and ready to dance. Wear comfortable clothes that do not impede movement, with bare feet; no dangly jewelry or costumes. No special dance wear required; shorts and T-shirts just fine. Please bring a water bottle. I strongly suggest eating a light, protein-rich snack before class starts, and no heavy foods right before class.