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Nurturing the Soul of Your Child: A Conversation

Sunday, November 26, 2-4pm
By donation ($5-$10 suggested donation, but everybody is welcome to come regardless of ability to pay)

The soul of a child is as complicated and full of contradictions as our own soul is.
— Janus Korczak 
The soul of a child is the loveliest flower that grows in the garden of God.
— Elizabeth George

Every parent has seen something in their child from the very beginning that was them and no one else. Something not from mom or dad or grandma or grandpa or Great Aunt Louise. Something that was utterly their own. Something they brought with them into this life. Maybe a certain glint in their eyes or a look on their face. I believe the best word for that “something”, that true uniqueness that each of us brings into this life, is soul. 

In this afternoon conversation we’ll talk about how to see, affirm, nurture, and support the souls of our children. If you’re a parent, stepparent, godparent, grandparent, caregiver, aunt, uncle, teacher, an adult compassionately involved in the life of children please consider joining. 

What We’ll Cover

  • How children are born with their own unique soul signature (or blueprint). 
  • How this unique soul signature can be seen and encouraged and welcomed in a family. 
  • How each child’s soul comes with its own inherent strengths and challenges
  • How as parents and caregivers we can learn to support our children in growing into their own soul strength and beauty while also helping them to deal with the inherent challenges of their soul in a constructive, conscious fashion. 
  • How families must be the place that welcomes the soul of a child. How we cannot rely on the world to do such welcoming. 

There are so many demands in raising a child including ensuring their health and well being, physically, emotionally, psychologically. In the midst of all this it is easy to lose sight of their soul development. I believe it is crucial to find ways to consciously nurture the souls of our children in our families. It’s one of my deep passions to offer simple yet powerful tools for families to support the soul growth of children, tools that can be integrated into our contemporary lives.  

* All types of families welcome, including blended, single-parent, GLBTQ families, adoptive and foster.

About Chris: 


Chris Dierkes is a soul interpreter and energy healer. He assists people is learning who they are at the level of their soul and supporting them in embodying their own true self. Chris has a long history working with the spiritual care of families and children. Chris is married to Chloe. He’s a father to Sage, and is ready to welcome the newest member to the family sometime this December.  Read more about Chris' work here

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