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Yogi(ni) Film Series: Origins of Yoga (2005)

Saturday, June 4, 7-8PM

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Bring the whole family, some popcorn, and some slippers and cozy up with us to watch this historical documentary on the origins of yoga—not what most people might imagine looking at the yoga studios in the West that we have come to identify with the practice. 

While the popularity of Yoga in the West is enormous; few people realize where yoga came from. Yoga is often seen as an exercise regime. Yet it is really a path to the inner self; the Divine. And the physical benefits of yoga are just a small part of its' benefits. The origins of yoga are shrouded in the mists of time. It all started seven thousand years ago; in the Indus Valley. Here; in Himalayan caves; ancient mystics known as rishis renounced worldly desires and left society to dwell in solitude.The Himalayan sages probed the deepest mysteries of life -- and what lays beyond death.

ORIGINS OF YOGA features the world's leading authority; Georg Feuerstein; who has written 36 books on the subject. And the Yogis of India themselves are interviewed on location as they describe their quest; their lifestyle; and the true meaning of Yoga.