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Passage Meditation: Cultivating a Daily Meditation Practice

Four-session series on Saturday's

  • May 14, 11-12:30pm

  • May 21, 11-12:30pm

  • May 28, 11-12:30pm

  • June 4 , 12:30-2pm

By donation (suggested donation of $10-$12 per session)*.
Drop in's welcome.

* Everybody welcome, regardless of ability to pay. 

A daily meditation practice leads to a calmer, more peaceful and focused mind, and spiritual self-cultivation. But how can we fit it into our busy lives? With so many options, not enough time, and the challenges that arise when we attempt to meditate, where does one start? 

Passage Meditation is a practical approach that fits naturally into any faith, philosophy, or lifestyle, enabling us to bring universal ideals into daily life.  In this method we choose a short spiritual text, or passage, that embodies our highest ideals, memorize it, and then go through the words slowly, silently, and with as much concentration as possible—bringing our attention back to the words whenever our mind wanders.  

How can such a simple exercise lead to life-changing transformation? Meditation brings two major benefits. It gradually builds the precious capacity to place our attention wherever we choose—the key some say to love and loyalty as well as genius. Second, we begin to resemble and actually become whatever we give our attention to. As the inspired words from the great spiritual traditions of the world slowly come to life in us, they bring with them quiet joy, the capacity to face challenges squarely, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

If you've never been able to commit to a daily meditation practice, or are curious to learn a way to live in accordance with your highest values, this course is for you!

About the instructors

Leo Chan's first exposure to the power and insight of meditation occurred 13 years ago during a ten day silent retreat in Thailand. Although he maintained an interest in meditation, he was never able to sustain a daily practice until discovering Passage Meditation. He has now been practicing daily for 1.5 years and is excited to share the benefits of single-pointed focus, slowing down and reinforcing one's own highest ideals, whatever they may be. Leo has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and works for Amazon.

David Shadbolt started meditating in the 1980s and in 1989 attended silent meditation retreats in Thailand and Nepal, with subsequent retreats in England and North America.  He discovered Passage Meditation almost 10 years ago, which he practises daily, having finally found the practice he’d been searching for. He currently facilitates the Orchard Recovery Centre's Monday meditation/mindfulness class.