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Challenging Life Experiences and Trauma: How to Reclaim Your Capacity for Connection

Saturday, July 9, 11-6:30pm*
Cost: $120

* Optional Hatha yoga class from 9:30-10:45am with Sarah Sutherland. Pre-registration is required at the time that you register for this program by emailing us

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Early experiences shape our perception of relationship and therefore affect our capacity to connect and receive the care, love and emotional nourishment that is available to us in our current relationships. Lack of caregiver attunement, a stressful environment, or neglect can all put us in a trauma survival mode. As a result and often unknowingly, habitual patterns or emotional barriers may have formed in an attempt to organize our experience in a way that helps us feel safe. While this may give us a sense of feeling “protected”, we may also experience a sense of isolation and disconnection. Body structures and habitual patterns can become a powerful access route to this unconscious core material.

In this experiential workshop, registered counsellors Shahar Rabi and Sunyata Calogeros-Smith (see bios below), will employ relational mindfulness and somatic awareness to allow the hidden beliefs and patterns that shape our lives and relationships to emerge safely into consciousness. Once conscious, they can be directly experienced and re-evaluated, and new dimensions of awareness can be integrated, helping to relieve unnecessary suffering.

About the facilitators

Sunyata Calogeros-Smith, Registered Professional Counsellor, offers mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy in private practice in Vancouver. She has training in Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing® (SE). Both embrace mindfulness and non-violence as well as holding a deep respect for people's  innate organic body wisdom, intelligence and ability to heal. Specializing in trauma resol ution and ad diction recovery, she also holds a certificate in addiction counselling. She is particularly interested in the neurobiological  aspect of the interface between early disrupted attachment and the development of trauma and addiction. Previously, she trained in Homeopathy at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, and holds a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy. Read more about her practice here: 

Shahar Rabi, Ph.D., Registered Clinical Counsellor, is Program Director at the Orchard Recovery Centre on Bowen Island and Co-Founder and Director of Education for the New Earth Institute. He has worked for several years as a therapist and educator in Canada, Israel, and India. Shahar provides a holistic approach that engages the emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and somatic aspects with his clients, with deep respect for their belief systems and cultures. His therapeutic orientations include: solution-focused therapy; acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT); existential therapy; narrative therapy; cognitive-behavioral therapy, archetypal therapy and embodiment work. Areas of focus that Shahar addresses include substance abuse, major life changes, grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, pain management, personal development and life planning, spiritual and/or emotional crises, spiritual meaning and youth counseling. Shahar believes that education and therapy should provide a healing space for his students and clients to explore the feelings, thoughts, behaviors and relationships that cause difficulties in their lives. He has a great deal of experience in teaching and bringing together Eastern and Western wisdom in a practical and accessible manner.

To register, click the link above, select the package, and pay with any major credit card. Alternatively, you can send an e-transfer to

Later Event: August 1
Kids Yoga (ages 3-5)