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Introduction to Core Energetics with JoAnn Lovascio

Saturday & Sunday, June 25-26th, 2016
10AM - 6PM
Cost: $395 for weekend, including 1-night accommodation at the Xenia Centre

*Please contact Saskia Tait for details on registration & lodging at or 604-354-9880.

This workshop is an invitation to take risks, dig deeper, challenge misconceptions, move energy, express feelings, reveal truth & live more courageously!

In Core Energetics, a powerful body based process that works with somatic energy, our Higher self is the part that is open to our full capacity to love and be creative. The Lower
self is the potent, disruptive energy we harbor as a result of childhood wounds. The Mask is the false, or idealized self, that we present to the world in order to fit in. We will practice challenging exercises that work directly with each of these 3 energies to open to the Self in fresh & profound ways. Mask, Lower self, Higher self weekend is an opportunity to learn more about this process and more about yourself. 

Join us to transform unconscious negativities that trap life force & embrace the pleasure that is your birthright! Open the physical blocks in your body that limit energy & consciousness! 

The weekend will use Core Energetic Body- centered techniques, including expressive
movement, breathing, groudning, dyad work & group work.

About JoAnn Lovascio

Throughout my life’s journey I have cultivated an uncompromising devotion to understanding embodiment and how it brings more awareness and ground into your everyday lives.

Embodiment is the practice by which we integrate all aspects of ourselves, give expression to our spirit, and ground ourselves firmly to the earth & to this life. I weave Core Evolution, Body Mind Psychotherapy, and other psychosomatic approaches with my spiritual awakening, deep human compassion and lust for life.

I cherish the relationships I develop with my clients. What allows me to create the safe environment needed for such deep exploratory work is my sincere respect, empathy and profound acceptance of them, and of our heartbreaking, gorgeous, vulnerable, embodied human condition.

Read more about JoAnn and her work here

Registration Details

$395 for weekend, including accommodations at the beautiful Xenia Centre on Bowen Island, very close to Vancouver in British Columbia. Please contact Saskia for details on Bowen Island and lodging at

If you are interested in learning more or registering, please contact JoAnn for an interview at There are 12 openings, please call early to ensure your spot!