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Mystic Poetry Playshop

Sunday, December 13, 1-4:30 PM
Cost: $40*

* We want everybody to be able to participate in our programs regardless of financial circumstances, and we know that sometimes finances are tight. Please contact us if you would like to apply for support to attend this program, or consider supporting the fund by donating an additional $10 to our Practitioner Support Fund when you register).

Over the ages mystics have been able to attain higher states of conscious different from the ordinary experiences of day-to-day life. Many mystics have allowed us to glimpse subtler realms of reality through their poetry. “ like a finger pointing to the moon”. .. a poetic description of their elevating experiences.

Let’s experience together what some of the great mystic poets like Hafiz, Rumi, Lalaji, and others were so ecstatic about. We’ll have time to meditate, sing/chant, dance and create our own "mystic rap.” 

Please bring a favourite mystical poem (if you have one) to share plus a notebook.

About the teachers

Soorya Ray Resels and Jack Resels are on the faculty of Bowen Island Yoga and Open Door Yoga in Vancouver.

"What delights us is hearing from our students their new awarenesses and insights as they discover how to relate key ancient universal principles to their contemporary lives. Our students enjoy applying the yogic principles that promote in-the-moment presence, contentment, and self-responsibility. They experience themselves as part of a living legacy.

Read more about Soorya and Jack here, and don't miss them speaking as part of the Satsang speakers series at Bowen Island Yoga.