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Yoga + Desire Map Weekend Retreat

June 13-14

How do you want to feel? In your heart, your body, your career?

BHAVANA: to call into being. Bhava is a sanskrit word that means feeling, or attitude, or conviction about oneself. According to indian tradition, bhava is so powerful that it can transform our experience of reality. 

You are invited to deepen your yoga practice, discover your core desired feelings, and light up your life. Join Chantal Russell for this 2-day illuminating workshop, as she guides you through enlivening asana practice and The Desire Map process.

Everything we do is driven by a desire to feel a certain way. Together, we will explore why desire is the most creative force in the universe, learn the benefits of clear desires, and discover how creating goals with soul will transform the way you live your life. 

 THE DESIRE MAP is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your every day choices.



11:00-2:00pm: Sacred Space: Together we will create sacred space, inner and outer, tied together with shared intention. Dynamic asana sequence focused on opening the hips and shoulders, Desire Map Theory + Gratitude & Dissatisfaction exploration.

3:30-6:30pm: Creative Contemplation: Increase intuition and release patterns of resistance through twists, deep hip openers, and forward folds. Know your heart’s longing and unleash your creative power.

7:30pm: Group Dinner at Rustique Bistro (optional, not included in price)

SUNDAY, June 14

10:00am-1:00pm: Declarations & Celebrations! Arm balances and back bends to strengthen and open us as we declare and share our core desired feelings.

3:30-6:30pm: Dream. Plan. Expand: Use your desired feelings as creative fuel to make great things happen in your life that will radiate out into the world. We will close through an integrative practice of inversions, with meditation, pranayama, and sacred grounding.

COST: $200*

(*includes all four sessions and your own copy of The Desire Map book)

Chantal’s desire is for you to experience and embody the effervescent joy that is your birthright. As a long time student of yoga and experienced teacher, her hope is that through these liberating practices, you will come to remember your innate freedom, and recognize the beauty that is always present, even in life’s most difficult moments. Her invitation is for you to see everything that happens in life as perfectly calibrated for you to shine more brightly.

Chantal is the director of Bowen Island Yoga, is on the faculty at The Vancouver School of Yoga, oversees the yoga and nutrition programs at The Orchard Addiction Recovery Center, runs retreats and workshops worldwide, and is a regular contributor to Rebelle Society. To learn more, visit

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