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Becoming an Integrated(ish) Human Being: Learning How to Feel

Saturday April 18, 1-5:30pm
Cost: $50

Most of use the words feelings and emotions interchangeably, but in truth they are different. In this workshop we will explore what is to actually feel—what feeling really is, why it is so important to work with our feeling, why so many of us do not know how to actually feel, and how to easily access our feeling. In the process we will come to understand why feeling is the key to being an integrated(ish) human being. 

Feeling is the interior felt sense of bodily human existence. Feeling encompasses what we call sensation, emotion, and thought (each of which are aspect of feeling). This workshop is an experiential dive into those last two sentences.

We’ll use movement exercises, energy exploration, emotional work, journaling, discussion, and meditation. Whether you’re a newcomer to personal work and spiritual practice or a seasoned veteran, you will learn simple but powerful processes to connect with your deeper feeling-self, the place of your natural integration and cohesion as a human being. This feeling-self is the proper place from which to undertake spiritual practice. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • How feeling is different than emotion and why both are important
  • How to welcome unpleasant sensations and emotions and transform them into allies
  • How being grounded and centered are the result of feeling not something you should actively strive for
  • Why getting into your body is really bad advice and what to do instead
  • How to feel your thoughts (yes this is a real thing!)
  • What your ego really is (hint: it's not what you think)
  • Why spiritual practice often disconnects you from your feeling and what to do about it

Who is this for? 

Relative newbies to personal work, long time spiritual practitioners, and everyone in between. 

What to bring: 

Journal, Pen, Water bottle. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing (warm Socks if it's a bit chilly as we will do work on floor). 

About the instructor:

Chris Dierkes is a soul interpreter, energy healer, and spiritual guide. He has a strong background in Christian mysticism, integral theory, global spirituality, as well as shamanic forms of consciousness. He holds a Masters in Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology and worked for a number of years as a parish priest in the Anglican church. He was previously content editor and published author at Beams and Struts: A Magazine for Hungry Brains and Thirsty Souls. He now maintains a private practice in soul work and spiritual teaching. He lives in Vancouver with his wife (Chloe, a doula) and baby daughter Sage.