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The Future of God: An Open Conversation About Mature Spirituality in Community

Panel Discussion, followed by Q&A
Friday, April 17, 6:30-8 PM

Save the date for what promises to be an challenging, inspiring, and thought-provoking panel discussion among three extraordinary guest panelists. This is Part II of an open conversation about the nature of God, spirituality, community, integral theory, and social change. Check out Tina Overbury's article in the Bowen Island Undercurrent about the first event here.  

The format for the event will involve presentations by each of the panelists, followed by an open dialogue among the panelists and with the audience. 

The Future of God is free community event sponsored by Bowen Island Yoga. A small donation is welcome!

The recovery of a mature spirituality is one of the most difficult tasks of our time. Not only because there are so many banalities and so many distractions, but because we flee from growing up and being wholly responsible for our experiences. The sad legacy of having been small and afraid continues to disempower and infantilize.
— James Hollis, Finding meaning in the second half of life, p. 182

About the Speakers:

Chris Dierkes (Panelist) is a soul interpreter, energy healer, and spiritual guide. He has a strong background in Christian mysticism, integral theory, global spirituality, as well as shamanic forms of consciousness. He holds a Masters in Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology and worked for a number of years as a parish priest in the Anglican church. He was previously content editor and published author at Beams and Struts: A Magazine for Hungry Brains and Thirsty Souls. He now maintains a private practice in soul work and spiritual teaching. He lives in Vancouver with his wife (Chloe, a doula) and baby daughter Sage.  

Rev. Sophia Ducey (Panelist) in an ordained minister, speaker, teacher and counselor with an ardent commitment to my individual and the collective evolution of consciousness through facilitating spiritual practices for children, youth, parents and adults of all ages. She has shared her gifts at churches and spiritual centers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine. 

Shahar Rabi (Moderator) is Program Director at the Orchard Recovery Centre on Bowen Island. He is currently completing a PhD in the Philosophy of Education department at Simon Fraser University. His doctoral dissertation explores ecological and integral approaches to psychotherapy in recovery. Shahar provides a holistic approach that engages the emotional, mental, relational, spiritual and physical aspects of his clients, with a deep respect for their belief systems and cultures