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Satsang Speaker Series: Living From Truth

Sunday nights, 7-8:30 PM
January 10 — April 24

Facilitated by Shahar Rabi, Rebekka Walker, Helen Foster, Soorya Ray Resels, & Jack Resels (see below for details)

By Donation*

* We will gratefully accept suggested donations to cover costs associated with this program and for the facilitators of each session. 


The intention of these gatherings aligns well with the traditional practice of “Satsang” in Indian contemplative traditions. Satsang translates as “true” (sat) and “community" (sangha)—i.e., to gather in community to listen to, talk about, experience, and assimilate “truth”. 

Come with an open mind and heart, and explore with great minds some of the oldest and most relevant questions humanity has been asking about meaning, purpose, and happiness. On Sunday evening of each week this fall, one of four speakers (see details and schedule below) will lead an exploration of a subject related broadly to genuine happiness and wellbeing. 

Also, on the last Sunday of every month, we will shift the format a bit to invite you into a different kind of truth-inquiry—chanting! Come to chant your heart open with Soorya Ray Resels, Jack Resels, Shasta Martinuk and Brian Hoover

Shahar Rabi will draw on non-dual philosophy and practice, as well as his background as a clinical counsellor who draws from both eastern and western approaches to psychology.  Helen Foster has over 40 years of experience in meditation. She is a long-time student of Buddhadharma, and a seasoned teacher of meditation. Soorya Ray Resels and Jack Resels are long-time students, practitioners and teachers of yoga philosophy, mindfulness and evolutionary spirituality. They explore these principles with references to relationships, health, and community. Shasta Martinuk and Brian Hoover are firm believers in the power of rhythm and song to create community, connection, and healing. Both of them have a background in classical music but left the world of orchestral performing decades ago. They are delighted to have the opportunity to co-lead the monthly Kirtan at Bowen Island Yoga with Soorya and Jack.

Dates, Topics & Speakers

  • February 7 - On the End of Suffering with Shahar Rabi

  • February 14 - Elegant, Ethereal love: Bhakti Sutras & the Service of Self with Rebekka Walker

  • February 21 - Buddha Dharma with Helen Foster

  • February 28 - Kirtan with Soorya, Jack, Brian, & Shasta 

  • March 6 - The Tool That Weaves: What IS Tantra? with Rebekka Walker 

  • March 13 - On the End of Suffering with Shahar Rabi

  • March 20 - Yoga of Relationships with Soorya Ray Resels & Jack Resels

  • March 27 - Kirtan with Jack, Soorya, Brian, & Shasta

  • April 10 - Embodied Integration: Tantric Philosophy & the Living Whole with Rebekka Walker

  • April 17 - Buddha Dharma with Helen Foster

  • April 24 - Kirtan with Jack, Soorya, Brian, & Shasta