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Shake 'n Quake with Sean Park, Ph.D.

Come lose your mind and feel the quaking, shaking expression of spontaneous movement and sound.  Let's ditch the theories, prescribed practices, rambling talk and choregraphed forms and make way for sanctified, holy vibrations.  Through ecstatic shaking we learn how to ride the lifeforce calling us into mystery.  This is not a dance event.

Let's get more serious and way less serious about life.

By donation.

About the facilitator: 

Sean Park, PhD is an educator, artist and writer in the fields of embodiment, healing, and creativity.  Sean's interests in mindfulness, martial arts, music, therapy and improvisation lead to his discovery of "shaking medicine" as a potent force in healing and renewal.  He has since been following the work of the Dr. Bradford Keeney, a master shaker, shamanic healer, therapist and scholar.  Sean is a faculty member of the New Earth Institute and lives in Vancouver with his wife Stephanie and son Theo.