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Winter Solstice Celebration with Natalie Rousseau and Chantal Russell

Join Chantal Russell and Natalie Rousseau for a celebratory Winter Solstice practice. Harness the quiet, sombre and reflective qualities of this darkest day of the year, to nourish your inner fire. 

Enjoy a heating and grounding asana pratice infused with mantra, pranayama and ayurvedic insight. Come celebrate the fertile darkness of winter, as a sacred time to pause and steep in the inherent wisdom of the season. 

December 21, 1-3:00pm

Cost: $45 

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About Natalie Rousseau

Natalie is an inspired yoga teacher who has spent the better part of the last eighteen years living in Tofino BC, and now lives in Whistler. She has been teaching yoga since 2002, and is well known for her deep knowledge of the history of our modern day practice, and her skill of weaving mythical stories of yoga into her teaching, drawing from them relevant insights and wisdom for everyday living. Natalie is widely respected and loved as a teacher trainer and mentor to new and experienced yoga teachers, and is passionate about creating community to deepen the conversation around yoga. Learn more about Natalie here.