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Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE): An Introduction

Sunday, October 5
2-5 PM

Cost: $60 per person*

* Payment plans & tuition reduction available—contact us for details.

Do you often have the sense that you are constantly on your guard, but are not sure how to decompress?  

Would you like a simple self-care method to help you to release the tension you habitually carry in your body?  

Please join us for an introduction to Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE™)—a set of simple and gentle movements that elicit natural tremors helping to release chronic stress and tension held in the body.

Allowing the body to release the protective stress of being 'on alert' that is held in the deep muscles, neurogenic tremors starting from the psoas muscles can travel the body and release tension where it is most needed. The process of doing TRE™, once learned, does not require ongoing outside support – it is a sustainable self-care method that can take just a few minutes a day. After doing TRE™, people report deep relaxation, better sleep, alleviation of long-standing symptoms, resolution of tension, and release of trauma. TRE™ taps into our body's own inner wisdom, helping to bring us back to our centre and closer to balance.

This 3-hour TRE™ session includes:

  • information on the history and background of the development of TRE™ by Dr. David Berceli
  • a brief overview of how TRE™ works, physiologically speaking
  • being led through the exercises, with modifications for different bodies
  • a guided tremoring session
  • debriefing of the experience, and
  • a Q & A session at the end, with suggestions for developing a self-practice

To give you more of a sense of what TRE™ can look like, please see this news clip from a workshop last year in BC with Dr David Berceli, the founder of TRE™, at which Ranji assisted. While the clip focuses on trauma, TRE™ is also for releasing the daily stresses of life!

Private (or couple or family) sessions are also available for 1½ to 2 hours.  These will allow for more privacy as well as undivided attention to your needs.  Please let us know if you would prefer a private.



Photo by Nic Dragomire

Photo by Nic Dragomire

"In my TRE work, I am passionate about holding space for people who want to deepen their self- care and to heal themselves, whether from the stresses of daily life or the repercussions of more momentous events."

To learn more about Ranji, see her bio here or website here.   


"Ranji has a great teaching style. She cares a lot about people and brings a warm and relaxed atmosphere to the class. She is clearly very knowledgable, and teaches TRE successfully to a diverse group of people. Thanks to her, my TRE practice is off to a great start and I am already looking forward to the followup."
~ L. L., Chemistry Professor, Chico, CA

"The TRE session I had with Ranji was a truly cathartic experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, and was amazed at the intensity of the release both physically and emotionally. I felt supported and safe with Ranji's gentle guidance and left feeling grateful and grounded. I will definitely continue practicing TRE as a way to release and heal.”
~ N. T., Child and Youth Counsellor, Vancouver, BC

"I tried TRE because I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately, both personally and professionally. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I haven’t been sleeping well, my lower back and shoulders have been sore and I’ve been quite emotional – so I was hoping to solve these issues at least. I had two sessions with Ranji, one as part of a workshop with others and on another day, a one-on-one session. I found Ranji very informative and knowledgeable and her voice is so calming. I was concerned that I might be emotional throughout, and was really unsure of what would happen, but the information session calmed a lot of those fears. After my very first session, I immediately wanted to do it again. I felt relaxed, refreshed, and slept through the night. I felt more sure of myself after the one-on-one session to be able to do the exercises on my own. I have now completed the TRE Exercises 4 times, twice on my own - and so far I am very pleased with the results. Although, I still feel stress, and tension in my body; I can feel that some of it is gone, my lower back has not hurt since I had my very first session. Ranji's location has not been an issue at all, she has quickly responded to emails and is willing to assist over Skype. TRE is not strenuous or difficult to learn and I strongly recommend it to others – those that are dealing with high stress and those that aren't. Thank you so much Ranji, I am so very thankful that I have this tool in my toolbox. I don't feel so helpless anymore."
~ M. R., Regional Director's Assistant, Prince George, BC

"I had been able to get the tremors going on my own, but working on Skype with Ranji took this practice to a new level for me. She invited and guided me in moving into different positions to find deeper levels of comfort and allow tremors to travel into new areas and with more fluidity. She sometimes called my attention to my breath. Even though I’m familiar with trusting my body’s wisdom and regularly practice it in my life, her discerning witness to my process sweetly supported me to embrace more fully the empowerment that comes from truly respecting life as it flows through me. Ranji is a superb witness and sensitive coach." 
~ S. H., Bodymind Educator, Mountain Ranch, CA