Emily McCullum (RYT 500)

Emily learned to meditate when she was seven years old, then was introduced to yoga at eight years of age. She studied yoga intermittently over the years until she took her first 500 hour yoga teacher training program with the South Okanagan Yoga Association more than a decade ago. Then she completed a three year, 800 hour advanced training program in Vijnana Yoga. Her continuing interest in meditation has fostered an ongoing and deepening study of yogic philosophy.

Emily’s yoga teaching focuses on helping students to learn from within their own bodies, to develop the skills of listening and responding to the signals their bodies send. Since mental and emotional stresses are often stored in the body, such skills are a valuable step toward finding body-mind balance. Stress release further facilitates the enhanced flexibility and strength that are the natural by-products of the practice of yoga postures.

Practicing yoga in this way gives perspective on the chatter in the mind and helps to open one to awareness of what is, beyond the stories we tell ourselves. 

Emily and her husband have lived full-time on Bowen for more than a quarter century and raised their two children here. Emily loves the temperate rainforest, the smell of low tide and the sometimes intemperate community of Bowen.