Beginner Yoga for Mobility (6-week series)

Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Cost: $108 for the full 6-week series, $20 for drop-ins

Stiff? Sore? Stressed?

Learn how to move better and gain functional strength in this 6-week Beginner Yoga for Mobility series!

Perhaps you have a physically demanding job that wreaks havoc on your body, or you have not had a movement practice for a while (or ever!). Maybe you have an old injury that holds you back, or you would simply like to be able to play with your kids/grandkids as you continue to age!

There are no limitations to who can join this series, everyone is welcome. Sarah Kraatz (the instructor) is educated in yoga biomechanics, back health, and fitness, and will be able to help with your individual needs in this group class.

This series is designed to improve strength and mobility by developing better body mechanics and awareness. Yoga postures and movements will be used, but no previous yoga experience is necessary.

The Series:

The human body is composed of separate parts, but functions as one harmonious unit. Therefore, each week will be a full body movement practice, with a focus on a different theme/area. The series is designed to be progressive, so you can layer on the skills you have learned each week.

Week 1: Breath and Movement

Week 2: Hands/Wrists + Feet/Ankles

Week 3: Core Strength + Back Health

Week 4: Shoulders  + Upper Body

Week 5: Hips + Lower Body

Week 6: Linking it all together

No yoga experience necessary, all ages and abilities are welcome.